My Mom!

My Mom!

Happy Mother’s Day!

What every mother wants for her special day, other than silly cards, is to be with her children.

I can recall—and almost hear—the first time I had a child old enough to wish me Happy Mothers day.  Evan was 2, a tousle of blond curls and sweet grins.  I was trying to wrestle my mane into a respectable do before a family gathering at my in-law’s home when Evan appeared at the door with his shy but enthusiastic gift: a knee hug and “happy momma’s day.”  I felt like I had won the lottery.

So many sweet moments in the pause of the hurry of life.

The last several years, I have a joined a group of devoted basketball “Common Bond” moms for Mother’s Day in Mount Pleasant, MI.  The first year was memorable.  We found ourselves at a “Comfortable Inn,” that unbeknownst to us before arrival had been demoted from a Comfort Inn.  Was it the green pool, day old breakfast, or the funky smell in the hallway that tipped off the franchise?  One will never know.

And yet, I remember the trips with something more than fondness.  Because it is the being together with women and children that is the thing, not the spa treatments or flower bouquets.  (But bring those on, too.) This year for the first time in 5, our basketball team earned a mothers day reprieve.

But breakfast in bed will have to wait till next year.  Because this Sunday a certain major demo for Among Friends in my hometown will have me selling our mixes.  But I’ll be alongside my pal Suzie, and there is sure to be laughter.  And after our commitment, we will gather up all the most important mothers (sons, husbands, daughters, etc.) in our lives to celebrate the day over food and wine.

My present will be that now strapping blonde boy, home from college, just in time to wish me “Happy Mother’s Day.”  I wish he still called me mama.