Among Friends Baking Mixes

Handmade valentines are the best (alec)

I tend to live life in threes.

Three flowers in a vase, never two.

Three well-thumbed books on my nightstand.

Three never-to-be-retired resolutions.

Three top daily todos.

Three furry family pets.

Three courses for family dinner.

Three bullet points. (Thanks Nancy, my writing mentor)

Among Friends Baking Mixes

Say it with flowers—and cookies. or something warm from the oven

Three things I want from my forever valentine.

Most of all, three boys. Three sweet strapping sons who have filled my life with equal parts joy and clutter.

Three words in my valentine message. I love you.

Don’t forget to share the three most important words in any language with the people you love today. on Valentines Day. And everyday.

Among Friends Baking Mixes

There are so many ways to share your love, or to say I love you.




Among Friends Baking Mixes

The first ingredient is love—then gluten free whole oats