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Trish the Dish Fruit Crisp Mix

The high ratio of toasted oats and almond meal to flour in this crisp makes it easy to turn any fruit into a healthy and delicious dessert, breakfast or treat.

Trish the dish Fruit Crisp Mix, Among Friends Baking Mixes, Gluten Free


Blueberries at the Beach
This recipe honors my friend Trish, the best baker I know. Her treats are delectable and her taste buds finely honed after years of dining with her gourmet husband, Steve. (He’s the sort who can taste a hint of pear or anise in wine.) I’ve made crisp for years but this particular version came about while on vacation with Trish and her gang at Lake Michigan. One gorgeous Sunday we picked buckets of blueberries. When we returned to the cottage, I wanted to make crisp. Then I realized we had scant flour but lots of oatmeal. Too lazy to leave the beach, I improvised. We’ve never gone back.



Baking Instructions:

What you’ll need: 6–8 cups of fruit, 1tsp vanilla, 5Tbsp soft unsalted butter*

Preheat oven to 350º. In a 9×13 inch baking dish, place 6-8 cups fruit. This works with any kind of fruit–fresh or frozen. (Fresh apples are great with frozen raspberries.) Just as in pie-making, ripe berries may require thickening; adding up to 3 tbsp. gluten-free flour or instant tapioca will help soak up extra juices. Empty mix into bowl. Add 1 tsp vanilla, and 5 Tbsp butter. (Add an additional 2-3 Tbsps butter for a crispier top.)  *You can also use a combination of oil  and butter, coconut oil, or non-dairy substitute. Mix until crumbly and sprinkle over fruit. Turbinado sugar on top is yummy, too. Bake until fruit bubbles and topping crisps, about  35-40 minutes.

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