IceCream-image-2Just a short post this month. Short and sweet, like summer baking should be…

There are few flavor combinations that say to me summer and love and summer love like ginger and coffee. When my husband and I were courting on weekends trans cities (I lived in downtown Chicago; he called Cleveland home), we used to walk to the carryout near his house on summer evenings for dessert: a pint of Haagen Daz L&G-2coffee ice cream and a box of old fashioned ginger snaps. (Needless to say there was never anything in his larder.) The combination was magical, or was it my deep infatuation with this man, and the rituals we would form?

Fast forward 23 years: This July weekend, I decided to use Shane’s sweet-n-spicy cookies to make ginger/coffee/ice-cream sandwiches and fell in love all over again.



1 pkg Shane’s Sween-n-Spicy Molasses Ginger Cookie Mixgingericecreampic
1 egg
1t vanilla
vanilla or coffee ice cream
1/3 cup very soft butter (or oil of your choice)


Make Shane’s as directed on package, only bake them a bit longer, 2 min or so, so they are crisp. Leave them in oven even a wee bit longer if you want them to snap. Let cookies cool completely.  You can also pop them in the freezer. Slightly soften coffee or vanilla ice cream and spread a dollop on the smooth bottom of a cookie. Close sandwich with another cookie. (Confession: I no longer live walking distance to the carryout so I added a bit of  powdered espresso to make my coffee ice cream. Worked like charm.)  Put sandwiches in very cold freezer for an hour until firm.  And then dive in.