Snow in MichiganThe last time Michigan saw this much snow was in 1904.  So perhaps there was a glimmer of truth in my grandmothers’s stories about walking 4 miles to school in a foot of snow.   Surely winters like this one are the sort that live on in personal memory as well as in record books. 

Despite my best intentions, I keep finding myself driving through the polar vortex.  I drive around with a warm hat, gloves, an extra coat, a flashlight, a 50 lb bag of salt (no, I did not say spelt) and for once in my life, a full gas tank.

I try to make sure I have healthy snacks on hand but sometimes find myself with little sustenance and a long ride. I am known for having food at the ready in my car. One time a friend of my eldest son, big burly 6’4 Jarius, ran after me in the school parking lot, yelling “I know you have a sandwich in there.”  I did.  Just last week, I produced a warm pretzel loaf for my basketball car pool boys while waiting to pick up my youngest son.  Pretty soon there was a line.


But sometimes I am better at feeding my boys and their friends than I am myself. Case in point: I recently drove from the west side of Michigan to Ann Arbor in a wintry squall, and when snow brought traffic to a total halt for half an hour, I nervously devoured an entire bag of rice crackers. Lots of crunch but not a lot of nutritional power.  When I got home, I decided it was too late for dinner,  I drank a glass of wine to toast my safe return and climbed into bed.

Among Friends

I was in need of some serious antioxidants the next morning, my own kitchen and something beautiful and colorful to recover from my whiteout.  I made a warm cherry berry apple crisp, using my own Trish the Dish crisp mix. I was baking to feast my senses but got almost giddy when I tallied the dish’s superfoods:  cherries, apples, raspberries, gluten-free oats and wholegrain oat flour, flax, and almond meal.  As nutritious (or more) as a bowl of oatmeal, but oh so fragrant and beautiful.