Every summer, Suzie used to take my pile of young kids, and her three, to Cedar Point.  Cedar Point is a serious amusement park. Heat, crowds, crammed parking lots, long lines, loud noises, overstimulation, aggressive fun seekers, people hawking their wares. I break out in hives just thinking about it.
Not Suzie. She never met a roller coaster she didn’t like–or a crowd she couldn’t work.

Among Friends Baking MixesI have to admit the first time Suzie brought up Expo West, I immediately thought, “Oh no, it’s the Cedar Point of the natural foods world, and I am going to be in the middle of it.”  In anticipation, I started calming exercises and eating lots of bananas . (I have a weird, wildly unscientific theory about potassium and its magical stabilizing properties.)
I was doing ok until Suzie Q, announced to me that she had designed our outfits for the big Anaheim Expo, in Disneyland’s backyard.  We were going to wear our bright green Among Friends t-shirts and fuchsia Among Friends Baking Mixescropped pants. Pink pants. I flatly refused.  I reminded her that while we had few to no issues working side by side  in a 10′ x 12′ facility off my garage in the emerging years of our homegrown baking mix business, that I had to draw the line somewhere. To be precise, at pink pants. How was I to preserve my somewhat shy private self wearing pink on my derrière.  I wore black.

We weathered our differences and survived our first Expo.  We even eventually found our parked car in the Disneyland maze.   (Expo newcomer tip: Never leave your car in a parking garage without photographing the evidence.) And we came away the wiser. This year we were ready. We showed up with three new products and a new tag banner for the show: “Friends don’t let friends eat white flour. ”

Among Friends Baking MixesAnd we came away with a prize. Our whole grain gluten free `Liv it up chocolate cake mix (approved by and named for Suzie’s very particular daughter Olivia) was chosen by New Hope Media as one of the top new gluten free finds of Expo West 14. We knew it was a winner before the prize: No starches, gums or fillers, just devilishly great chocolate flavor, taste, and tender texture.  This is gluten-free for everyone, not just for your gluten-free friends, but for all cake lovers.   While we knew “Liv it up was a winner, we were thrilled with the confirmation.

Available on our website now and in stores late Summer/early Fall.

Among Friends Baking Mixes