“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” – Mary Oliver


New Year’s pranks involved moving Santas after midnight

It can be daunting to write a new year’s message when so many more profound than I have given utterances to messages from the heart.

But I’ll do my best. I’ve got help from my mate this year, who led our family traditional new year’s day gathering. He opened our time with a meditation on what an incredible, mysterious gift life is, a gift difficult to even fathom if you dwell on it.

But where does all that dwelling lead? We inevitably arrive at the hard truth that life is brief. Our own life is brief. All of our wise elders remind us of this finiteness, our time then looming as a precious and fleeting gift.

From the earliest ages, we learn that precious gifts should be treated with great care.

The consequences of this notion are enormous. Treating our time image2with great care means focusing on activities that are meaningful—limiting our time on activities that are little value.

With that introduction, we spoke of our resolutions, guarding some as private. As I looked over my 2015 resolutions, I realized one, if kept would have underpinned success for all others, from marching orders, small to tall.

So I made only one resolution this year, forgoing my usual laundry list. To take a moment in the morning for a prayer of gratitude, to be still, to breathe in hope, to breathe out fear. (You can sing your song in the shower, if that’s where you find yourself alone.)

So join me and our Among Friends team to resolve to breathe—and to make the minutes count of this one wild and precious life.

Happy New Year from our homes to yours.


Lizann and her gang


Suzie and family