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Our current family favorite

I am stubborn about certain things. Not as stubborn as some of my Irish relatives, though I am the only one who looks like an Irish lass.

I am very stubborn about whole grains. I was seeking whole grain options in my 20s and was referred to by my friends as the “nutrition nazi”, but I am also a foodie.  Just because I am a granola girl does not mean I am willing to sacrifice taste and texture, for whole grains.  I mean a girl has to have her limits.

Among Friends Baking Mixes

Brand new dishwasher

This all means that I create lots of dirty dishes experimenting with grains, lots of failures as well as successes.  (My husband would say I also go through dishwashers at an alarming rate.)

When I started to tackle gluten free fare, the stakes got higher, and mistakes costlier.  So many flours, so many weird starches and gums, all $$$$$. And lots of beany gummy results at which my boys turned up their noses.  At one point, I said to Suzie, I am done experimenting with recipe until I find the RIGHT flour. I just couldn’t cave and buy into white rice flour, the highest glycemic thing on the planet.

Among Friends Baking Mixes

Stacey helping me experiment

And then, gorgeous velvety soft nutty certified gluten-free oat flour found me, along with my old friend almond flour. And Among Friends has been turning out delicious cookies that rival Grandmas ever since. No starches, gums, or fillers.

The experiments live on.