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Frequently Asked Questions

Among Friends Baking Mixes

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Why should I care about whole grains? 

Whole grains are rich sources of vitamins, minerals, fiber and other nutrients that help keep you strong.  They are the superior choice for the people you love.

They have B vitamins for healthy red blood cells. They keep you full longer and help manage healthy blood sugar. The minerals of whole grains help maintain normal muscles and nerves function and they are good for digestion and overall health.


How many servings do your mixes make?

That answer is different for each mix. When we developed the recipes we used a 1 1/2 inch cookie scoop to make a nice medium sized cookie.


How much of the pancake mix do I use?

Use the whole bag. If you happen to have batter left over (we never do), you can store it in the refrigerator in an air-tight container for later.


Can I freeze your baked goods?

Our baked cookies, bars, and the unfrosted cake freeze extremely well.  We do it all the time.  Take the treats out about an hour before you want to serve.

The unbaked cookie batter, when formed into balls, also freezes very well. Form cookies, freeze until firm on a cookie sheet and then put in a freezer bag or glass container. Pull out and bake as craved, letting cookies thaw before you pop in the oven.

We also make our Trish the Dish Crisp Mix ahead and freeze it unbaked it is always at the ready for a crowd pleaser. You can also just make the topping (without the fruit) and freeze it until you are ready to assemble. I do this when making minicrisps for my parents, singles, or older neighbors.


How long can I enjoy your cookies or bars after they are baked?

This answer varies depending on what you have made but here are some general guidelines.

Our baked goods have no preservatives in them so they are best consumed within 3 or 4 days of baking.  The gluten-free cookies and cake will last longer on your counter top than our whole-wheat products.  The oat flour simply retains moisture longer. That said, pop half the batch in the freezer if you want to store longer.


Someone in my family has a nut allergy. What mixes should I avoid?

Steer clear of: Trish the Dish Crisp Mix,`Liv it Up Chocolate Cake Mix, and Evan’s Heavenly Oatmeal Raisin Mix. We use almond meal in these mixes. We add the meal by hand at the end of production so that no nuts come onto contact with our big mixer.


Where can I find your Francie Make it Your Own Cinnamon Sugar Muffin Mix?

Vietnamese cinnamon spice and everything nice, that’s what’s Francie’s muffins are made of—all whole grain and no gums. Such a tender bite, this muffin is a perfect snack or breakfast to go. And it is a cinch to customize– nuts or fruit, fresh or frozen (we especially love blueberries & lemon, banana & pecan, dried apple & walnut – recipes can be found in our recipe and special diet section). At the moment, our Francie Make it Your Own Cinnamon Sugar Muffin Mix is carried exclusively with Target – both in-stores and online.


What does GFCO mean?  How can I be sure your gluten-free mixes are really free of gluten?

GFCO certification means that our products meet strict standards for gluten free. It assures you that our site has been inspected and that our products are routinely tested for gluten. The mark assures that the mixes contain 10-ppm or less gluten and similar proteins.  (No testing methods are currently available that measure to zero.) Our gluten free products are made on separate machinery and in a separate enclosed area of our facility.


Are your mixes non-GMO?

All of our mixes are non-GMO Project Verified. This seal means that the product has gone through an independent verification process and that all possible steps have been taken to eliminate genetically modified organisms. In North America, some 80 percent of our food contains GMOs. The truth is scientists don’t know the long-term consequences of GMO consumption. Here is a recent article on why GMOs should be avoided.


How can I find a store that carries your mixes?

Use the store locater on the home page of our website. Plug in your zip code and the map will show you stores in your area that carry Among Friends. Please keep in mind that not all stores carry all the varieties and that this information changes all the time as we add more stores. You can also be an Among Friends ambassador. Tell your home store about our products and that you would like it to carry our products.


I like flat cookies and yours are chunkier. How can I modify the recipe?

This is an easy one. The relationship between sugar and fat is what makes cookies flatten. Our mixes call for less of both. If you want to make flatter cookies, add another tablespoon of butter or your substitute.


How do you make your mixes vegan?  What about other dietary concerns?

First off, all of our mixes are vegan and dairy free when they show up on grocery shelves.

There are lots of ways to make our mixes vegan. Coconut oil and Earth balance top our recommendations. For egg replacement, we use a flax meal gel. Dissolve 1 T. of ground flax in 3T. of warm water to replace one egg. Let sit for 10 minutes.

You can use commercial egg replacers, which are essentially white starches, to good effect. We prefer flax because it has some nutritional value and we very purposely do not use any white flour and starches in our mixes. That is part of what makes Among Friends so different than other producers. Pick up another mix and read the ingredients. White starches are the high fructose corn syrups of the baking world.

For a more complete list of how to make substitutions, click on “special diets” on our home page.


I need to avoid soy, but some of your mixes contain soy lecithin.  Can I use your product?

The products we make that contain chocolate chips do contain a smidgen of soy lecithin. It functions as an emulsifier. As a general rule, we recommend avoiding soy, but consuming soy lecithin is very different than consuming a soy burger or a protein bar that contains soy protein isolate (How removed from the whole soybean is that?) Most soy in the US is genetically modified. We use only non-GMO ingredients. If you have a severe allergy, play it safe. But for the vast majority of folks, you can eliminate most of your concerns about soy lecithin by choosing non-GMO food source, like ours.


How is Among Friends involved in the community?

Among Friends generously supports the following organizations with its time, talents and treasures:

Toledo Northwestern Ohio Food Bank

 Common Bond Basketball

Neutral Zone

Ann Arbor Public Schools

Ele’s Place


Lizann’s Top Quick Tips

Use room temperature butter and eggs for lighter baked goods. (Submerging cold eggs in hot water for a few minutes does the trick.)

Follow mixing and baking directions as closely as you can. We’ve already gone through lots of trial and error for you.

Use a light mixing hand with our whole grain products so as not to over develop the gluten. With our gluten-free products, you can mix more vigorously.

Customize with ingredients that your family likes. We add nuts and coconut to SuzieQs in our house to go with the mixed nuts who live there.

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