There is something sacred about cake, an unaltered quality for the people who love it.  Conversations about cake can even have political overtones.  People hold dear, what they hold dear to and no amount of rational discussion can sway them from what they think is best for the cake eating public.

Take my dad.  He is 80 years old and he still waxes on about Rosemary Sorters chocolate cake. Rosemary was a friend of his mother Margaret. They are both long gone but Rosemary’s cake lives on, and its the cake by which my dad measures all others.  I have another named cake, Mayor Katz’s chocolate cake.   Mayor of what, I never asked, perhaps Gary Indiana where my friend hails from.   (Google just confirmed my suspicions. A. Martin Katz became mayor of Gary in 1963.)

When I got married 20 years ago, my groom did not think we needed a wedding cake, putting cake into the category of the sort of fussy and fancy he tirelessly avoids.  I had to pull out the historical card, telling Gerry that the tradition of a celebratory cake goes as far back as the Roman Empire, before icing was even invented.  When we met with our wedding caterer, I started describing my dream wedding cake, cheesecake on the bottom, spice cake next….”What!” Gerry interrupted, “Cheesecake for a wedding?”  (This was the guy who didn’t want any cake?)  We compromised: two layers for the bride, two layers for the groom.

True to form, I am not a cake traditionalist.  I love to experiment. In that spirit, our new Among Friends mix, `Liv it up Devilishly Chocolate cake mix is moist, delicious and made with three gluten-free flours.  It is named for Suzie’s very picky oldest daughter Olivia, so you know it’s been well analyzed—and loved.

I can’t part with the recipe. That’s sacred, but I can offer up one of the easiest chocolate frostings in the game today.  Best part, it does not require a whole box of confectioners sugar.

Suzie’s Fabulous Frosting

2 T Butter

3 oz semi-sweet chocolate 

1/4 cup cocoa powder

1 t. vanilla

1/4 cup milk

1 cup powdered sugar

Melt butter and chocolate.  Whisk in cocoa and vanilla, then milk and sugar. Beat until desired spreading consistency (if frosting hardens, microwave 10 sec.).


Try it out and let us know what you think!!