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Dairy Free

To make our cookies/crisp DAIRY-FREE:

Our mixes are dairy-free as sold. Contrary to popular misconception, eggs are not dairy products. They are animal by products, coming from chickens as they do, and thus excluded from vegan diets. Folks with allergies to milk and its protein casein can enjoy eggs.


Dairy-free bakers have several option when replacing butter.

Earth Balance
Virgin coconut oil
Nut or vegetable oils
Cold-pressed Canola oil
Light olive oil
Spectrum Organic vegetable shortening

To make our gluten-free cake dairy free.

The cake requires some special attention as it is already free of white starches and stabilizing gums, as well as gluten. It is not going to behave exactly like its wheat containing relatives.

If you are dairy-free baker, we recommend using oil or melted Earth Balance, and your choice of rice milk, coconut milk, soy milk or almond milk. Our kitchen favorite is almond milk. And by all means use the eggs if your diet allows, as the eggs provide structure and lift. We recommend you give the cake a try before you master the cupcakes.

A special note to vegan cakebakers: If you are vegan, we’ve had limited success with egg substitutes when recipes call for more that two eggs, as with our cake. We cannot promise the results one normally gets with our cake mix. We pride ourselves on making mixes for everyone to love, no matter what his or her dietary inclination. In other words you don’t need to be vegan in order to love our cookies when we make them vegan. And we are honest gals: Eggs are hard to replace in cake-like products. The vegan cake will be flatter, and have a denser texture.

Another option for a sensational vegan dessert, make our gluten-free fruit crisp with coconut oil. It is our go-to potluck dessert, because everyone loves it, and almost everyone can eat it (sorry, not for those allergic to tree nuts.)

WE are nothing if not open and flexible. Please let us know about your successes.

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