Lizann, The Crumbs of Life

Cookies and Carpool

Since my boys were small, I’ve often gleaned more information by overhearing them rather than through direct address. (One of the best reasons to volunteer for car pool.)

Last evening, I heard my youngest son talking about me on the phone. He was telling someone that I had a baking mix company but that really I was a trained as a writer and I took time off to raise him and his brothers. Hmm, I thought from my perch on the stairs, “this is interesting.” It turned out Alec was talking to a college basketball coach.

I found myself musing about how all this started.


We’ve Changed the Game — Whole Grain Idealism

This entry is a reposting of a longer piece I wrote about the some of the passions and family influences behind the Among Friends brand. It was published in a trade journal so I am pretty sure not many of you read it. Facetiousness aside, I hope you enjoy reading our story.


Happy New Year from our Homes to Yours

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” – Mary Oliver It can be daunting to write a new year’s message when so many more profound than I have given utterances to messages from the heart. But I’ll do my best. I’ve got help from my mate this […]


Food Rules From Among Friends

Among Friends Baking Mixes – Food Rules. If you can’t follow all the rules, pick any three and you will be doing your body and spirit a big favor. Or just remember these three words—EAT REAL FOOD.


Mothering moments and happy brain waves

Makeahead Carrots and Cauliflower with turmeric


Kitchen Encounters of the Among Friends Kind.

Let’s just say I am glad a video camera doesn’t follow us around in the kitchen. Our “kitchen confidential” would include the requisite natural disaster shots. Fire, flood, etc.


What’s in an (Among Friends) name?

Speaking of names, Suzie Q dubbed me Lizannabanana, a name I use when I talk to young kids about whole grain baking. Among my several Lizannabanana maxims, are some pretty silly ones, like “my kids know I am going out of town if they find white bread on the counter.” But there is one maxim about which I am very serious: “Evan from heaven does not stay seven or eleven for long. Make those years count.”

In what seems like the blink of an eye, my sweet Evan is 20. So stir up some cookies, create family rituals, and tell stories, both silly and serious. But whatever you do, make the years count.


Among Furry (and oh so beloved) Friends

Last weekend, Michigan was the coldest state in the Union, or so I have been told.  My husband woke me early Friday to tell me that our dear dog Midnight had died in the night and that he intended to bury her in the backyard, frozen ground, notwithstanding.  And with that, he went quietly out […]


Valentine’s Day Love

I tend to live life in threes. Three flowers in a vase, never two. Three well-thumbed books on my nightstand. Three never-to-be-retired resolutions. Three top daily todos. Three furry family pets. Three courses for family dinner. Three bullet points. (Thanks Nancy, my writing mentor) Three things I want from my forever valentine. Most of all, […]


Recycled–and delicious

When I was a first grader, the nuns called my house to say that I was coming late to school every day.  My mom was a little stumped. I left on time with my 3 older siblings to walk the two blocks to school and she wasn’t hearing from their teachers. So she followed me—and […]