photo 3I am up at 5:30 am making cookies. I don’t recommend this.  I even have a night shirt that states: “Sleep is underrated.”  I should be getting my beauty sleep, but my to do list awoke me.

I am sending off care packages to my two college sons who started school on Tuesday and I can’t seem to close the bulging boxes without something homemade.   Not to mention the four strapping teenage boys fast asleep upstairs.  We’re headed to the lake at noon after a quick airport stop for my dear friend.  So I will need plenty of “fast food” for the car.  Note: Son number 3  Alec and his buddies do not appear to be having any trouble sleeping. Ah, youth.

Last night, instead of counting sheep, I counted lunches.  Three sons times 180 school days times 12 years equals 6,480 lunches.  That’’s not including basketball or golf extras, or my sons’ friends who frequently make it into the  line-up.   (Ok Alec, you can check the math.  I live with quant jocks, but I am not one.)

While I don’t recommend early mornings, I do recommend cookies, time-honored delicious whole grain classics with a healthier profile. Ok, I am using one of our own Among Friends mixes this morning.  Otherwise I wouldn’t have time to write–or make spaghetti sauce, do the laundry, sort the mail piles…You know the drill.

Another quick tip: I am not always so last minute.  I’ve been known to start lunches weeks in advance. I make a batch of cookies and then package them into little lunch-ready bags and pop them into the freezer.  Then I always have some at the ready when I am stumbling around in the morning finishing lunches.

photo 2I am not a morning person. My boys will confirm this.  Though, they are not ones to talk.

My husband’s long weekend doesn’t start until tomorrow.  So I’m hoping the full plate of cookies will soften the blow of arriving home to an empty house.  The man likes his cookies–and his family around.

Second quick tip: stir up a batch of cookies and say I love you.  And still have time to clean up the kitchen.

P.S. The alarm clock I put into my son’s care package just went off.  7 am. The post office would have loved that.