IMG_4579 If Ruth Reichl hadn’t titled one of my favorite books, “Comfort me with Apples, ” I might have started today’s musings with those words. The apple may be my ultimate comfort food. When sleep eludes me, I reach for my robe and an apple. When chips menace my dietary intentions, I seek a crunchy gala. When darkness  threatens to overwhelm my spirit, I bake up a hearty apple crisp with lots of cinnamon.   Sometimes, food really is love.

It is glorious fall in the Midwest and apples are abundant. On that crisp note, I’d like to repost a blog on apple crisp written by the veracious vegan. I do believe that our gluten-free Trish the Dish crisp mix gives the term “crowd pleaser ” new meaning.  It’s an equal opportunity mix, one single loveable pan for your vegan, Gluten-free and completely unrestricted friends.

Click here to read more and access Angela the veracious vegan’s recipe!