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In one of our TV interviews, I blithely started in: “Friends don’t eat friends.” On cue, Suzie interjected: “they don’t let them eat white flour either. “ I had warned Suzie that if I verbally stumbled on camera (though I hadn’t envisioned suggesting cannibalism) to PLEASE jump in.

Yes, it ‘s a catchy slogan. But there is real science behind it.    The whole grain, whether oats, barley, or wheat, contains every part of the grain: the outer shell houses the seed and is rich in fiber, B vitamins and trace minerals; the middle layer contains carbohydrates and proteins; and the inner “germ” provides the nutrition for the seed.  It is the phytochemical powerhouse.

At Among Friends, we just don’t use anything besides whole grains. NO white stuff, gums, or fillers.  As my dad says, the truth is efficient. For years, brands touting whole grains were only adding back a smidgen of whole grain to the white stuff. I always tell people, just check the first ingredient.  Cookie in point: Organic oats and whole wheat pastry flour are the first two ingredients in our ever popular Suzie Q cookie mix.  Not a bad way to get fiber and magnesium, probably the number-one ingredient in whole grains that we need.

And frankly, this is one of those “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts” stories. Scientists tell us to eat our fruits and vegetables, not for a single component, but for the nutritional magic that happens when the whole package is consumed.  It is the synergy of the various nutrients in the whole grain that promote optimum nutrition.

People don’t need to consume more grains, they need to replace their white grains with whole grains. Satisfying, mineral rich, delicious whole grains.

I say, just put your cookie where your mouth is.   But I better be careful what I say.