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The Apple Doesn’t Fall Too Far From the Tree

My mom’s theory was that if she served liver and onions to her closely knit pack of five young wolves, it would slow the inevitable march toward trick or treating. Our pillow cases of candy would bulge less. It didn’t work. We made up for lost time, running between pumpkin-lit houses. But her practice did cause quite stir among the neighborhood kids as they impatiently urged us to “hurry up and eat your dinner.” My dad just wrinkled his nose, disliking the liver ritual every bit as much as we did.


Apple Season and the Veracious Vegan

If Ruth Reichl hadn’t titled one of my favorite books, “Comfort me with Apples, ” I might have started today’s musings with those words. The apple may be my ultimate comfort food. When sleep eludes me, I reach for my robe and an apple. When chips menace my dietary intentions, I seek a crunchy gala. […]